What You Can Expect From Us

plumber working on sink plumbing system

Quality Services

Comfort Masters puts your satisfaction at the forefront with quality services from our highly skilled and technically qualified professionals. Our workers maintain respectability and care by making sure floors are covered and the area clean post work for an easy transition back to your day to day functions. You can expect workers to be careful with your property by using runners, drop cloths, and by wearing floor savers.

Maintaining Your Units

Our team of professionals will make sure that your equipment is up to date with maintenance in order to ensure that safety is instilled and operations are efficient. With energy-efficient systems, you can ultimately save on costs of operation due to energy conservation as fuel is used optimally without drawing too much energy. You can expect your system to live longer with this as it will be able to run more smoothly without as much draining effort.

Convenient Payment Options

On top of financing options that will make the process of getting upgrades now easier, we offer several payment options that allow for Cash, Check, Credit Card or Debit Card.

Compliances With Licenses, Codes & Laws

With hiring a company it’s important you stay afloat in not falling into the trap of hiring a company that carries adequate insurance, doesn’t ‘pull’ permits or doesn’t have a license. These types of companies will typically offer cheaper prices but the quality is lost as well as time. Comfort Masters is a licensed contractor that follows the necessary and required steps for obtaining state and municipal permits. Comfort Masters holds both liability insurance and is insured for Workers Compensation.

The reason why it’s essential to have a structure of code compliance and adequate insurance is for liability. It’s a safety net if a worker gets injured as you won’t be held liable since the contractor is insured. If such instances occur like a fire or an accident from unlicensed work or work without a permit there can be complications. Especially when an insurance claim has been made, your insurance company can dispute that claim. When reselling a house you may end up paying more than the original repair if questions related to workmanship come ups in order to correct improper workmanship misgivings.

With Comfort Masters you can rest assured that you are covered and protected from proper legal and professional responsibilities.

Our National Affiliations Will Benefit You With Quality Products & Services

Get top of the line products with our multiple trade association connections that offer the best heating and cooling contractors in the county. You can enjoy cutting edge technology, and our professionals are trained with updated techniques so you can enjoy a well-installed and working system.

Our Team is Safety Trained & Drug Tested For Quality Work

It’s important to have responsible and dedicated individuals in any company. Especially when services are provided to families and businesses, it’s important to have services from people that you can trust. That’s why Comfort Masters hires technicians with a rigorous screening process that will ensure professionalism and care. You’ll be able to feel comfortable with our workers who maintain respectability and acumen.

For a team that puts you and your property first, give Comfort Masters a call at (203) 321-8689! We proudly promise excellent services from excellent professionals who carry themselves with dignity and respect. Rest assured that working with our experts will be easy and reassuring. We are excited to get started on your project, so give us a call today!