Is it worth replacing old baseboard heaters?

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What are the pros and cons of baseboard heating?

A traditional form of a heater in today’s age can be seen in the form of the baseboard heater. Popular among new homeowners moving into older homes, baseboard heaters are known for their definite advantages and disadvantages. The system is popular by way of the installation process being far cheaper than modern options and quite a bit easier to boot. When considering the replacement of an older model, replacing your old baseboard heater should come when it simply cannot be repaired. Newer models have an easier time of making the room warmer, but the electricity to heat process has remained relatively the same with a few improvements. The benefit of remaining with a baseboard heater is that your home will not undergo the process of being installed with air ducts. It should also be noted that baseboard heaters provide benefits with a lack of toxicity and direct installation. When a hot water baseboard heater is connected to the correct type of boiler, it has a better energy efficiency than many other types of heater units. When getting an older house or place with an older baseboard heater, it can be a good idea to replace the unit if it has constant problems. This is due to it having been built by parts that should not have been used. With a competent technician like those found at Comfort Masters in Stamford, CT. If you need a baseboard repair, replacement, or installation then call us at (203) 321-8689 today to set up an appointment.

Are baseboard heaters energy efficient?

Electric heaters of each kind is in technicality energy efficient due to the entirety of electricity it receives being converted into heat. The system particularly works well and efficiently when residents use insulating techniques such as curtains, insulation in the home, and calibrate the system when necessary. As mentioned, a hydro heated baseboard heater runs particularly more efficiently than other heating systems when connected to the appropriate water heater. Keeping the baseboard heater clean will also improve its electricity efficiency and help its ability to give out heat. A problem many run into is allowing dust to built up in the rafter and surfaces of the system. This will block it and should be cleaned out during times of use to maintain the air condition that is healthy when the system is clean just like other HVAC systems. The system itself runs well when allowed to heat over time and not pushed to heat an entire home all at once. It also works well in tandem with fans circulating the hot air. 

Can I leave my baseboard heater on?

Modern baseboard systems are far safer to leave on versus those used and installed in years past. How the system works presently is that it relies on the use of a thermostat built into the baseboard heater system. The way to get the best efficiency from your system is to have a set temperature for your baseboard heater. When a specific heat is set, it will shut off at that temperature and not needlessly further warm the temperature of the home. To further that efficiency and voice dust intake, vacuum the area around the heater every so often. Practicing regular dust removal will allow you to get the most out of your system when it is left on for any amount of time. While you would not want to leave on heating systems in years past, it is absolutely possible to do so now. When practicing a healthy amount of care around a baseboard heater and having a system inside to turn it off upon it reaching the right temperature, it is a system you can leave on without wasting much electric bill money.

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How do you protect furniture from baseboard heaters?

It was known that with older baseboard heater models, homeowners had to take extra steps in protecting furniture from damage. Simply put heaters at that time and far more rarely now do occasionally have the chance to start a fire inside your home. With the proper care taken, however, you do not have to worry about that problem.

Something to remember about most heating systems and especially a baseboard heater is that when you put something in front of the output area then it severely hampers the effect the heater brings. Homeowners that have covers on their systems and keep furniture at a minimum of one foot away from the output will see the benefits of the heating system without any sort of hazard. It is recommended to simply keep each kind of heater and air conditioner unobstructed so to get the best result. When airflow is unobstructed in the home or apartment, it circulates far better. This especially applies to homes that have a thermostat system that designates when the heating and cooling systems need to switch off or on. 

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