Water & Sewer Line Repairs

water line repair

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When it comes to water lines, they are a very important part of your house, which you may not think about too often. Not only do they need to be working properly, but they also need to be repaired and maintained regularly, to make sure that they work well.  When your water lines are not working properly, you will probably be facing higher water bills than normal and it can even cause damage to your bathtub, toilet, or some other essential device in your home. You should refrain from trying water line repair for yourself. You will need to hire a professional plumber since water lines often flow from city property into your house. You do not want to be accountable to your city or town because you messed something up. In Stamford, CT, you can call Comfort Masters at (203) 321-8689to help you with water line repair and to check all the plumbing in your home.

Our Team Has Years Of Experience

Another thing to keep in mind is that some of the water lines that run to your home are outside, and possibly in places that you don’t want to investigate by yourself. Luckily, we have experience working with outside pipes, even the underground ones, so we are the ones to trust for something like this. We want your pipes to work as well as they can, and if there is an issue, we will talk to you about your options, so you always have a fully functioning water line system in your home. We are able to help you out in all seasons too, so call on us when you need to winterize your pipes. It is no secret that Connecticut can get cold and encounter sudden winter storms. It’s a good idea to get your water lines checked out far before the colder season starts, so you can have a water line repair if necessary before a snowstorm strikes.

Worker looking in a sewer hole near a home

Sewer Line Assistance

In addition to working on water lines, we are able to provide the same services when it comes to sewer lines. No one wants these lines to back up into your home or yard since they ensure that you will have a hazardous mess of sewer build-up. Whether you need assistance after an issue or want us to look into your sewer lines before you have an issue, we are well versed in sewer line repair. It comes with the job, and it is something that many people count on us for. There are so many little signs that your sewer may be having trouble, so even if you have a small feeling that it needs help, it is a good idea to get it looked at. It may need to be cleared out or updated after a few years, especially if you have not had it done before.

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Regardless of if you need a water line repair, sewer repair, or even help with a leaky faucet, we offer many services to our clients. We also offer a 2-year guarantee on our work, so you can be sure that we do a good job each and every time. Don’t suffer in silence when you are having water or sewer line problems. You need to have them checked out before the issues become worse all over your home. If you live in Stamford, CT, we are waiting to hear from you.  Call (203) 321-8689today!